The world around us is changing - and fast.
Together, we can have a positive impact on society and the world. By harnessing and spreading the power of digitisation, we give people the opportunity to become who they want to be, with trust, togetherness and mastery as central values.
"With everything you do, give your undivided attention. What you really pay attention to, grows." - Hans van Hattem, founder and CEO
How we help you move forward
Everyone is unique. We build customised, unique software to optimise business processes and help simplify complex challenges.
We deliver, on time and in full term.
Understanding 100%
Agile 100%
On time in Full 100%

process mining

Every company has unique DNA in the form of data and software. We start by helping you to unravel your DNA in order to simplify and improve the company's processes.

Robotic process automation

We make repetitive, error-prone tasks easy. At the push of a button.

With Van Hattem Works, we use 25 years of knowledge and expertise in digital transformation, in the field of legislation and regulations, a healthy dose of guts and humour. Together with our knowledge and ideas, our employees form the foundation of our company and without their passion, knowledge and skills, we would not be where we are today. By moving forward, we honour our past. New markets, innovative solutions but without losing sight of our past, values and our vision.
We are a company people are proud to be a part of. Our values represent us best: Honesty, Autonomy, Trust, Together, Energy and Mastery. We help each other, always, wherever we can. Are honest to the core. We are specialized in what we do. Reliable in how we do it. Enthusiastic about why we do it.
Industry is becoming smarter and more sustainable. Wind energy farms are replacing oil drilling platforms. On the seabed, pipe layers are simultaneously harvesting cobalt for lithium-ion batteries. Digitisation and new technologies are changing things for the better. This means new opportunities and challenges. Together, we can have an impact on society and the world.
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