The ability to sustain -to co-exist together.
The world is our playing field. Together, we can have an impact on society and the world.


How we helped
OUR Contribution
From the very beginning, we have focused on contributing to social, individual, team and talent development.
Socially responsible 100%
talent development 100%
team sponsorship 100%

socially involved

In connection with our environment. That is why we are involved in various social initiatives and medical scientific research. From clean drinking water facilities in Sierra Leone to classical music in the operating rooms of Erasmus MC.

talent development

To reach the highest level, you need to discover, develop and nurture talent. We attract and work with talent, both in sport and in the workplace, and do nothing rather than help develop it.

team sponsorship

If you want to travel fast, go alone. If you want to far, travel together. It goes without saying that we like to contribute to local initiatives and teams that can use our help. In this way, too, we take our social responsibility seriously.

socially involved
We stay socially involved. Now and in the past, we have been involved in medical scientific research into neuroblastoma (Villa Joep), classical music in operating theatres and research into pancreatic cancer at Erasmus MC. We have also contributed to the development of clean drinking water facilities in Freetown, Sierra Leone. We continue to invest in a better future for everyone.
talent development
They who have youth, have the future. Whether in a workshop where the largest ships in the world are built and we organise a welding competition, or on a tennis court where a Dutch junior champion is being prepared for the big time. We are convinced that talent development is necessary for a better world tomorrow and we are happy to help.
team sponsorship
We know that our clients want us to help inspire people to live healthily and remain employable. Over the years, we have sponsored several (football) teams, organised an indoor football tournament and various sports competitions and tournaments. By investing in health, we not only create a fun, but also a safe working environment where everyone can make their best contribution. We want to bring everyone to the best possible state of health, both mentally and physically.



How we help today
OUR Strategy
We have always been aware of our surroundings by actively watching and contributing.
supply chain responsibilities 100%
sustainable health 100%
conscious entrepreneurship 100%

supply chain responsibilities

Every day, we assess our position in the value chain. We take responsibility for looking at how we can best help each other.

sustainable health

We have always been committed to sustainable health. Through social engagement, sponsorships for sports(teams), talent development and actively contributing to sports events ourselves.

conscious entrepreneurship

We understand the impact we can have on the world. That means we are always looking at how we can add value for our clients and employees. On every level.

How we are going to help
OUR future
To create a greater positive impact, we have identified three key challenges that affect us:
climate change 100%
non-durable consumption 100%
conscious entrepreneurship 100%

climate change

No longer a distant threat, but a visible reality, we believe that climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity today.

non-durable consumption

In a world that currently uses more resources than it has available, unsustainable consumption puts even greater pressure on the planet.

conscious entrepreneurship

Together, we can make a difference. We see the near future as an opportunity to create an even greater impact with awareness of our environment.

circular en climate-positive
We are committed to reducing our environmental impact while maintaining quality and efficiency. Over the years, we have invested in new systems and increasingly environmentally friendly solutions. We are constantly making further improvements in this area.
healthy and sustainable living
We know that our clients want Van Hattem Infratech to help them bind and fascinate people, to inspire them to live healthy lives and keep them deployable for a long time. By investing in the health, development and safety of our employees, we create a safe and challenging work environment where every employee can make his best contribution. We want to bring everyone to the best possible state of health, both mentally and physically.
development and innovation
We focus on markets where we can add value with our specialism and with companies that share our core values. Success is achieved through constant change together. Innovation does not come about by itself, but is nurtured by the intrinsic motivation to constantly improve and simplify.
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